I love putting toffee nut in everything. This drink was really just came out of boredom and I never expected it to be so good. 

Carmel Brule Sparkle

Steamed milk

-2 pumps Carmel Brule

-2 pumps toffee nut

-Whip cream

-Carmel sauce and Carmel Brule sprinkles on top

It looks pretty and tastes great. You can get this with coffee as well, just order a toffee nut carmel brule latte and ask for it half sweet. You can get it full sweet, but I feel that the carmel brule sauce is too sweet for me. 

  • Question: I tried the poor mans signature hot chocolate but it just tasted like milk =/. Do other starbucks use different scoops? - rummerz
  • Answer:

    They shouldn’t. That is weird, maybe they didn’t use enough. Also it is very important that you stir this drink. 


Super yummy! 

Birthday cake frappuccino

Vanilla bean frappucino

-1 pump hazelnut

-1 pump white mocha

-add chips


I am not the biggest fan of raw coconut, so I never really liked samoa cookies, but I love this frappuccino, and so does everyone else! 

Samoa cookie frappuccino

Mocha coconut frappuccino

-add 2 pumps carmel

-coconut flakes  blended inside

-carmel sauce on the inside of the cup


One of my favorite things to do to a frappuccino is put a banana in it. It totally changes the taste of the drink. This is a great dessert drink! 

Bananas foster frappuccino

Syrup cream frappuccino 

-add 1 banana

-add 1 scoop vanilla bean

If you want to make it a bit more sweet add some carmel sauce to the inside of the cup. Make sure it’s the inside of the cup and not blended in. You need a lot of carmel sauce to actually taste it when it is in a drink, but if you get extra on the inside of the cup then you get globs of it when drinking your delicious drink. Plus it looks cool! 


When we first got coconut this was the first drink I made with it. 

Coconut chip frappuccino

Coconut cream frappuccino

-add 3 scoops java chips



Sometimes at work we like to think about what different drinks people would be or what they would order. One time we went through all of the harry potter characters! This is one that we have been talking about for a while and today I finally tried it. It was surprisingly good! 

Hulk Frappuccino

Green tea frappuccino

-2 scoop protien

-no whip

When I made this I put a pump of raspberry in the bottom of the cup hoping it would turn purple, it didnt. But it was really good!! 


This one is a bit expensive because you have to buy a cookie to go with it, but it is REALLY good! When we get bored at work we tend to start blending weird things together, some of them are good. 

Moasses Chai frappuccino

Chai creme frappuccino

-add 1 mollasses cookie


Great sweet fruity drink. For those days when you want ice cream and starbucks at the same time. 

Orange creme frappuccino

Strawberries and cream frappuccino

-sub orange mango juice for stawberry sauce

-add 2 scoops vanilla bean 

I usually get this drink make with nonfat and no whip because it is kinda sweet. But honestly I usually get all my drinks made with nonfat and no whip. 


I really do not know what to call this drink, but it is the only way I will drink espresso. I find that starbucks espresso is acidic. I really cant believe I like this drink at all because not only do I not like our espresso, but I despise our white mocha. 

Yummy espresso 

Doppio espresso over ice

-1 pump white mocha

-1 pump coconut

-extra carmel sauce 

-light nonfat on top

Love this drink so much, but be warned it is easy to get it messed up. If the espresso is not fully mixed in with the syrup it becomes too bitter, at least too bitter for me. Also I find that some stores don’t know what extra carmel means. But if you get it right it is amazing!